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Drink Driving Car Insurance - Compare Prices with MoneyMaxim

Use the specialist insurers available via our panel to cover car insurance for those with convictions for drink driving

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There are a number of insurance companies who specialise in finding drink driving DR10 insurance cover at competitive rates.

When it comes to your search for car insurance after a drink driving ban, it is very important to shop around. Compare both the price and the features of policies you are being offered. As a convicted drink driver you need to find companies who are looking for your business as often firms will price their insurance premiums to discourage those with a DR 10 conviction. You could take out a policy that would cost you hundreds or even thousands of pounds more than you need to spend.

Convicted driver insurance policies can vary in price depending on how you obtain your quote. If you obtain an insurance quote from an insurance broker or price comparison web site, the price you are quoted will usually be different from the price you are quoted if you obtained a quote from an insurance company directly. The system used by MoneyMaxim of providing quotations through a broker is therefore normally better for those with a drink driving conviction. It certainly pays to shop around and compare convicted driver insurance quotes.

The insurance comparison engine allows convicted drivers to obtain insurance quotes from multiple insurance companies who specialise in providing non-standard, high risk insurance policies for convicted drivers.

Want to get an immediate quote by phone?

For an immediate quote you can call Adrian Flux on 0800 181 4542. They are specialist car insurance broker who are very experienced in insuring disqualified drivers.

Want a choice of insurers?

Click through on the green button above and fill in our simple form to get great value deals, if you have any problems, don't hesitate to contact us and we will get on the case immediately.

Unlike a standard price comparison site we take a few details and put you in touch with brokers and insurers who specialise in your type of drink driving conviction, geographic area in which you live or type of vehicle you are driving

This means it allows convicted drivers to get a number of insurance quotes from a few insurance companies who specialise in providing non-standard, high risk insurance policies for convicted drivers. I's quick and easy and does a lot of the work for you.

Find drink driving driver insurance using our specialised team

Find convicted driver insurance using this panel - they are ready to deal with younger drivers with drink driving convictions and will look to be helpful rather than judgemental - meaning you can find both friendly help and affordable car insurance fast.

The other advantage with our panel is that you can access greater choice when you come to us. Even with a drink driving conviction, you can still find competitively priced convicted driver car insurance. We can arrange for quotations to be provided enabling you to find good value car insurance so you can rebuild your driving record.

How to get Cheap Drink Driver Insurance

Many of the following tips apply to any driver, but the benefits of someone with a DR10 conviction getting a 10% discount on their drink driving car insurance is normally much greater than the amount a conviction free driver could get.

Whilst it is impossible to avoid higher insurance premiums following a drink driving conviction, using specialist car insurance brokers who can access convicted drivers insurance policies can help keep premiums to a minimum.

Other ways of reducing the expense include:

  • Completing a Drink Driving Rehabilitation Course. As well as helping to reduce any potential driving ban this course can reduce your premiums as repeat offending is considered less likely for those who have attended the course.

  • Investigate the savings for having a higher voluntary excess. You would normally be expected to be responsible for the first part of any claim and this is called the excess. Typically the more you offer to pay, by having a higher excess, the less your insurance premium is. If you feel that the excess level is unaffordable consider protecting yourself with an excess protection insurance policy as the cost of this is often lower than the savings you can make by having a higher excess.

  • Straight after you get your license back, keep your mileage down. This will reduce your costs at the most expensive time.

  • Only have named drivers as opposed to allowing any driver to get behind the wheel of your car.

  • Keep your car in a garage or secure area overnight.

  • See if increased security will reduce your premium. It might be worth fitting Thatcham accredited security systems to cut your costs. Do check though before you spend money to find the savings are worthwhile.

  • Add an experienced low risk driver to your insurance policy as this may reduce your premium.

  • Following a conviction, make sure you start driving with a modest car - you don't need the fact you are in a sports car to ramp up your premium as well.

Those who have been disqualified from driving are generally considered high risk by most insurance companies meaning you may be asked to pay both high premiums and agree to a large excess on your policy.

Follow our tips, click through to get a quote and our panel will play their part in finding you a cheap quotation for drink driver car insurance .

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This content was last reviewed on 08/04/2024