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FAQ Section > Car Hire Insurance Frequently Asked Questions > Does Car Hire Excess Insurance Cover Accidents?

Excess Insurance covers the under-body, roof and tyres but does it cover me if I have an accident?

Car hire insurers will generally cover damage to the underbody, roof, tyres and windows - as well as any damage caused by accidents.

Yes, it covers you for any excess you may be charged by your hire car company should an accident occur. Car hire excess insurance policies don't just cover the roof, tyres and underside of the car. The reason most car hire excess policies mention these areas is that they are normally excluded from any CDW (collision damage waiver) provided with the car. Unfortunately, they make such a good job of mentioning those areas that it sometimes causes confusion and gives the impression that these are the only areas covered but, don't worry, yes car hire excess insurance does reimburse you should you be charged the excess for an accident - and it doesn't matter whether it was you or the other driver at fault.

The obvious exception to this would be if you were using the car outside the normal terms and conditions of your rental agreement at the time of the accident. Broadly speaking, if you operate the car within the laws of the land and use the vehicle as if it were your own you should be okay. We recommend checking your individual policy terms and conditions to ensure that you are fully aware of the limitations of your insurance and should you have any specific questions about your car hire excess insurance, the insurer you have purchased the policy from may be the best one to answer those queries!

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This content was last reviewed on 11/10/2023

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