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Rental Van Insurance

Compare Short Term Van Insurance for Hire Vehicles

Find short term van insurance when renting a van. If your van rental does not include insurance we offer some options.

Short Term Van Insurance from 1 to 28 days

Insure Daily Short Term Van Insurance
  • Cover from 1-28 days offered
  • Vans and vehicles with up to 8 seats covered
  • Can cover rented vans although a higher excess normally applies
  • Drivers from 19 - 75 covered
  • Licence holders from the UK, EU/EEA, Switzerland and Commonwealth countries covered.


In most circumstances if you rent a van you find that insurance, in the form of a Collision Damage Waiver and Liability Insurance is packaged into your hire - but what if it isn't?

Some van hire companies, particularly those who focus on the trade market, expect the hirer to provide their own insurance and if you already own a van this will probably not be a problem. However, if you don't, who will insure rented vans on a short term basis?

Short Term Van Insurance for rented vans

Insure Daily

Insure Daily offer instant comprehensive short term van insurance policies for driving a van from 1 day up to 28 days, and, unlike other similar insurers, they can also cover hired vehicles. These may be subject though to a higher excess in the case of accident or theft. Drivers need to be aged between 21 and 75 (although this can differ depending on the van make and model.

The policy will only cover you if you are using it social domestic & pleasure purposes, which includes commuting & personal business use only.

Additionally the policyholder cannot be emplyed as a courier, in the entertainment industry, fast-food delivery, parcel delivery or as a professional sports-person.

There are a number of other restrictions covering both drivers and the vehicle so please do read the terms fully.

Other options

Van Hire with insurance included

If you cannot find insurance to cover your rented van, you might need to either try to persuade your van hire company to provide the cover for you or alternatively try a company who do offer insurance within the rental deal.

If you are successful down either of these routes don't forget - before you pay for expensive excess insurance at the Van Rental station - we also offer that cheaper through our Van Hire Excess Insurance comparison service.

Insurance to let you hire our your own van

If you own a van, but find that it's now being used all the time there are insurance options that allow you to hire our your van to others. Its an ideal way of generating income from your vehicle, and the ways you can do this include a pay as you go options which means the insurance is only in force when you are hiring it out.

You do need the keep your normal insurance in place though, which will cover it when you are driving it, and the risk of theft when its parked up.

For more information read our page on Self drive van rental insurance.

This content was last reviewed on 28/03/2022