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What is Avis Insurance Cover like? Do they have CDW, Liability and Excess Waiver Cover?

We explain the cover offered by Avis's policies, both mandatory and optional. Find out what is covered and what you have to pay extra for and discover ways of finding cheaper alternatives.

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What insurance policies are offered by Avis?

Avis Car Hire are great in that they clearly state on their website the size of excesses both for Damage Cover Excess and Theft Cover Excess. An example of a Ford Focus rented in Rome would be a damage excess of €1050 or theft excess of €1610, whilst a Citroen Grand Picasso hired in Nice, France has a €1960 excess for theft and a € 1400 excess for damage.

Both can be protected through Additional Cover policies that can be bought locally, although the international prices for this are not detailed on their website.

Details of their policies within the UK follow below. This follows a recent rebranding of policies previously known as Premier Cover, or known as Super CDW by many.

Policies available on the MoneyMaxim car hire insurance service will almost certainly be a lot cheaper, as they run from less than £2 a day and include windscreen, wheel, tyre, underbody and roof damage. Some policies offer Personal Accident Insurance.

However some renters opt for the in-house Avis cover despite the price differential as no post incident claim is required (this is dealt with at the car hire station on return), unlike having to pay for the cost of an incident and then claiming the cost back from an insurer as is the case with standalone insurance policies.

We suggest you compare car hire insurance prices prices with Moneymaxim which will enable you to make a considered decision.

If you have any queries do call a member of the MoneyMaxim car hire insurance team

Mandatory Avis Cover

Visit the Avis website here for further information on mandatory cover

The following guidelines refer to rental in the UK, so if you are travelling further afield do check your rental agreement. When renting from Avis your rate will normally include a basic level of cover if you are involved in an accident.

Your rate includes compulsory legal liability, third party and public liability cover, in case you cause injury to someone (including passengers and their property in the rented vehicle) or damage someone else's property.

It also will normally include Vehicle Damage Cover (CDW) so that if the rental car is damaged, this will cover the cost of repairs. You will have to pay an excess, which is a fixed amount covering the first part of the costs of repair. This applies regardless of whether you were at fault. CDW is mandatory for drivers aged 23-25 or if you are paying by cheque or cash.

Lastly it will include Vehicle Theft Cover (TP) so if the rental car is stolen, this will cover the cost of replacing it (or parts of it). Again you will be responsible for an excess.

UK Excess Charges are as follows:

Vehicle SizeVehicle GroupExcess Charge
Small A,B,C£1,000.00
Medium D, E, F, G, H, I, J, M, P £1,000.00
Large K,L,N, O £1,500.00

* Excess amounts vary by country and will be displayed as you book your rental vehicle online, or are available from the Avis team members you book with

Additional Avis Protection Cover

Visit the Avis website here for further information on their additional protection products

Complete Protection Package: covers the driver, the passengers and damage to the vehicle and provides comprehensive and carefree cover including Excess Reduction - zero excess on vehicle damage (£66 administration fee applies), zero excess on windscreen damage, Super Personal Accident Insurance (SPAI) which covers personal accident costs up to £126,000 per person, medical expenses of up to £6,300 per person and cover of personal effects up to £4,200. Finally it includes Roadside Assistance Plus which covers recovery assistance costs for flat tyres and batteries, in case you lock yourself out your car and finally fuel delivery in the event you run out. It costs between £27 to £36.50 per day (maximum charge 10 days) depending on vehicle size.

Complete Car Protection Package covers the vehicle in the event of damage. Complete Car Protection includes all of the above with the exception of Super Personal Accident Insurance and costs between £20 to £29.50 per day (maximum charge 10 days) depending on vehicle size. Vehicle and tyre damage claims are subject to a £66 administration fee.

Excess Reduction: - which offers Excess Reduction and Windscreen Cover and costs between £17 to £26.50 per day (maximum charge 10 days) depending on vehicle size. Vehicle and tyre damage claims are subject to a £66 administration fee.

Personal Accident Cover (PAI): provides personal accident cover to the driver and passengers. The protection covers the driver for personal injury. Do check if you need this cover as many travel insurance policies provide similar cover.

Windscreen Protection: removes the excess on front windscreen damage

Roadside Assistance Plus: provides protection on recovery assistance costs if you experience a non-mechanical breakdown during your journey. You also don't have to worry about call-out charges. You may be surprised but you are not automatically covered by Avis for every type of incident which might mean you need to call out the recovery team, For instance if you need help in replacing a tyre, dealing with a flat battery, run out of fuel or lock yourself out of the car you may be liable for the recovery costs.

Visit the MoneyMaxim car hire insurance comparison site to find independent car hire policies covering theft and damage excesses, windscreens, roof, wheels and underbody, lost key and breakdown cover. Policy prices start from under £2 a day.

This content was last reviewed on 04/01/2017

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