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What insurance policies are offered by Car Hire Brokers? And are they a good deal?

Find information about Car Hire Brokers's car hire excess insurance policies and whether it is a good deal for you.

Car Hire Brokers, such as Auto Europe, Car Rentals and 121 Car Hire basically retail car hire agreements on behalf of car rental firms. The industry has developed significantly as the internet provides an excellent place for consumers to compare and then find low cost car hire.

The reason that car brokers can offer cheap car hire agreements is that, if a car rental firm has a surplus of vehicles to rent out at an any particular time, they can use brokers to sell these without having to affect their published rates. Often, therefore, the brokers offer the opportunity for customers to rent a car from a major dealer at a much cheaper price.

The insurance agreement that applies is normally that of the hire company (Avis, Hertz, Sixt etc.) so, if you buy through a car hire broker (such as the MoneyMaxim car hire comparison service, do check the arrangements for insurance of the underlying company as they can vary considerably.

The brokers also offer excess insurance - historically these used to be good value but in the past few years they have taken the opportunity of increasing their charges to the point where they are no longer competitive with independent policies.

Do undertake an independent search on the MoneyMaxim car hire insurance service, as prices for the same policy are normally around half the price of those bought from brokers. You can find yourself saving £5 a day compared to the rates offered through some companies.

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This content was last reviewed on 25/03/2024

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