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Does Sixt include CDW in its car hire packages?

How it's easy to find you have booked car hire without CDW when hiring with Sixt.

Is CDW included automatically when I book a car with Sixt?

Rather oddly Sixt do not automatically include Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) for some destinations in the cost of a car hire for UK hirers who use their website.

On their UK website this is listed as Loss Damage Waiver as it includes a theft waiver too. You need to select the 'Protect Your Rental' box to find it.

Instead they offer the cover, which reduces a hirer's liability in the case of damage to the car, as an optional extra, sometimes ticked, sometimes not. Without the Loss Damage Waiver you are responsible for any damage or theft of the vehicle.

It appears however that some users are 'unticking' the option thinking this is for excess protection rather than the full cover, and not realising that they are then liable for the full cost of the car throughout their rental period.

Often they have booked the car having decided that the price (excluding CDW) looks a great deal, but get to the desk to find that it will cost them an extra £15 or so a day to protect themselves fully.

What should I do when reserve a car with Sixt?

We would suggest the easiest thing is to compare the price of your Sixt car including CDW/LDW - so make sure the box is ticked! It is also worth comparing prices on a site such as Clarify Car Hire - this is our sister company and we include CDW in all our prices, and because you are checking prices in a competitive arena you can get a better deal!

The end goal is, however, to rent your car with CDW included.

Do I have to have CDW included?

Well no - you could decide to do one of the following:

  1. Take on the risk yourself and, if something happens, you will pay Sixt for the cost. Make sure therefore that if you are hiring a £15,000 car you are comfortable with the idea that you could have to pay Sixt £15,000 if the car is written off.

  2. Take on the risk yourself, but back this up with a full CDW policy available from the Moneymaxim Car Hire Insurance Comparison service. Run a quote but make sure that in the policy description it says it's a Collision Damage Waiver Insurance policy (some are limited to the Americas so avoid them). Also check the policy limits as some have a CDW limit as low as £10,000. However many will cover vehicles with up to £50,000 which will mean most vehicles can be covered.

This will mean that, although you are liable to Sixt for the damage, you know you have an insurance policy in place which will cover your liability.

If you still have queries you can always refer to our team here at MoneyMaxim.- we will be happy to help!

This content was last reviewed on 02/04/2024

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