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Can I get excess insurance for a pickup truck?

Why do I need van hire excess insurance for a pick up truck?

Pickup trucks are a very popular choice with car hirers, particularly in the USA. The reason why pickup trucks are common in the States is down to a peculiarity in the US tax system which can make them cheaper to run than normal cars.

However, hirers should be aware that this is because pickup trucks are considered a commercial vehicle. As such, they would not be covered by a standard car hire excess policy.

Those hiring them in the UK or Europe can find the appropriate hire excess insurance cover for a pickup truck using our van hire insurance homepage. Here there are excess policies that will cover commercial vehicles as well as offer additional cover for the wheels, tyres, roof, underbody and glass elements.

Unfortunately we do not currently have policies via our site that will cover pick up truck hire excess in the USA. You may have to consider factoring in the cost of buying an additional policy at the desk in these circumstances.

Sometimes vehicle hires in the USA do not come with all the basic insurances in place. If you are unsure whether you have all the cover you need, then please contact us and we will happily discuss it with you.

If you are hiring a camper Van, RV or Motor Home, these can be covered on daily policies accessed via our motorhome insurance homepage.

This content was last reviewed on 07/03/2018

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