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Are other people travelling with me covered?

We explain exactly who is covered to drive your hire car.

The answer is yes - providing:

  1. The Car Hire Insurance Policyholder is the lead driver on the car rental agreement.

  2. If required to do so you have named the individuals on the policy (some companies do not require you to do this, although most do), and they are named on the car hire agreement. The car hire company may charge extra to have additional drivers named.

There are also policies available through the MoneyMaxim car hire insurance service which allow the option of having additional 'lead' drivers. This allows other drivers to hire cars independently - i.e. the policyholder does not need to be present at the time of hiring. Some companies restrict this to family members, others allow a wider spectrum of additional drivers to be added.

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If you have any queries do call a member of the MoneyMaxim car hire insurance team.

This content was last reviewed on 17/10/2018

Image courtesy of: Vasile Cotovanu

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