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Super CDW, Deductible or Non Waiver - Terms Explained

We unpick some of the more confusing terms of car hire, including Non Waiver agreements, Super CDW and Deductibles.

The expressions Super CDW, Deductible or Non Waiver are used by different companies in different parts of the world, but actually mean the same thing.

When a car is hired the insurance that comes with it, whether packaged in or bought separately, has an 'excess' which leaves the hirer with the responsibility for the first few hundred (or few thousand) pounds of a claim. This excess is also called the Super CDW, Deductible or Non Waiver.

It is this excess, along with parts of the car that are excluded from any standard car hire insurance policy, such as windows, wheels, tyres or the underside of the vehicle, that are covered by the excess insurance offered by companies on the MoneyMaxim car hire insurance comparison service

If you have any queries do call a member of the MoneyMaxim car hire insurance team.

This content was last reviewed on 17/09/2019

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