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We review Collingwood Insurance Annual Provisional Car Insurance

Collingwood Annual Car Insurance Policies


Collingwood Annual Provisional Car Insurance is available through the MoneyMaxim comparison service. Its ideal for learner drivers who are either using their own vehicle or learning in a relatives or friends car

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Collingwood Insurance offers Annual Learner Driver Insurance that allows learners to get insured on their own, a friend's, or a family member’s car. This gives you a full year of cover to help you get prepared for your test. Having your own learner driver insurance policy is usually cheaper than getting added on to an existing policy as a named driver, so it can save you money while you are learning to drive.

Collingwood policies can start from well under £1 per day - although this will depend on a few factors, including the car to be insured and whether you live in a city or countryside.

There some real benefits though with the Collingwood policy that may not be offered elsewhere:

No black box and no curfews.

With Collingwood Learner Driver Insurance, you do not need a black box fitted to the car, as you will always be supervised. There are also no curfews on the policy, meaning you are free to drive at any time of the day. This allows you to practice driving at different times of the day and get more practice outside of driving lessons.

Accelerated No Claims Bonus.

If you cover your own car with learner's insurance, you may get an accelerated No Claims Bonus. You can start building a no claims bonus during the time you have a learner driver policy with Collingwood. As long as your policy has been running for 10 consecutive months without any accidents or incidents this will be accelerated to 1 years no claims bonus (subject to terms, conditions, and underwriting criteria).

Protected vehicle owners no claims bonus.

If you have Collingwood learner's driver insurance and are driving a friend's or family member's car and have an accident, don't worry, the vehicle owner's no-claims bonus will not be affected!

Additional driver on policy.

You are able to add an additional driver to your policy. This can be a parent or spouse, and it allows them to drive your car for social, domestic, and pleasure driving. This means you could practice driving to school or work, and your named driver can return the car home for you. This makes it easier to get in extra driving practice in your day-to-day life.

Free app to help with theory test.

Collingwood customers gain access to multiple perks to help when learning to drive. With Collingwood learner driver insurance, you get premium access to the RoadHow app. The app is designed to help you pass your theory test and improve your driving knowledge to help you get on the road faster. In the app, you can take quizzes and tests, practice hazard perception clips, and identify your strengths and weaknesses.

What happens when you pass your test?

Your Collingwood policy will only cover you up to the time you pass your test. Therefore be ready to run a new quotation for car insurance as a newly qualified driver through MoneyMaxim as we have a panel of insurers who specialise in those who have just passed their test.

Annual Policies for Learners with their own or someone else's car

Collingwood Annual Learner Drivers Insurance
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Parent or Spouse can be added as a second driver
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This content was last reviewed on 16/02/2023