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We review Collingwood Insurance Annual Provisional Car Insurance

Collingwood Annual Car Insurance Policies


Collingwood Annual Provisional Car Insurance is available through the MoneyMaxim comparison service. Find out why its so popular.

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As well as a standard Annual Car Insurance covering a provisional driver, consider a specific Annual Provisional Car Insurance such as the product offered by Collingwood. The main difference between the two is that the Annual Provisional Car Insurance policy will usually terminate when you pass your test but can be much cheaper than conventional annual policies.

For this reason many prefer to purchase an Annual Provisional Car Insurance Policy and shop around again when they've passed.

Collingwood policies can start from well under £1 per day - although this will depend on a few factors, including the car to be insured and whether you live in a city or countryside.

The policy covers two situations:

  1. Where the car is owned by the learner driver

  2. Where the car is owned by someone else and the learner driver wants to use it. In this instance the car must already be insured, as the Collingwood policy will only cover it when the learner driver is behind the wheel.

There some real benefits though with the Collingwood policy that may not be offered elsewhere:

Accelerated No Claims Bonus

A Collingwood Provisional Car Insurance policy will allow a no claims record to be built - in fact the company will provide a letter confirming an entitlement to 1 years no claims discount after 10 consecutive months claim free driving and the policy has been cancelled. Although not all insurers allow no claims discounts to be built up it can prove very beneficial with those that will.

Second Driver can be added free of charge

A second driver (who has to be a parent or spouse) can be added to the policy **free - which is really useful for practising on the way to school, college or work as it allows the second driver to return the car home.

Cancel when you pass and get a prorata refund of premiums paid

Unlike most companies Collingwood charge no fees should you cancel your annual learners policy early -so when you pass your test you can get straight on arranging a new policy to cover you as a full licence holder.

All in all this adds up to an adaptable and formidable proposition for a learner driver, whether they want to insure their own car or use friend or relatives vehicle to practice in.

Annual Policies for Learners with their own or someone else's car

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Insure your own or someone else's car
Parent or Spouse can be added as a second driver free of charge
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This content was last reviewed on 22/09/2020