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We Review MPI Brokers Travel Insurers

MPI Brokers Travel Insurance

MPI Brokers

We review MPI Brokers Travel Insurance - great value for money policies from snow specialists MPI. Single trip, annual, backpacking and seasonaire cover available.

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What we like:

  • Pre-existing medical condition definition will result in more people than average being able to get standard cover
  • Good support services for travellers - their typical policy holder expects more from their insurance policy - and MPI seek to meet their expectations
  • Owner managed business with long expertise in this field
  • Good winter sports cover for off piste - one of the most comprehensive policies in the market for off piste
  • The company have advised us that they will cover people who are already abroad and need cover - most companies only cover UK to UK. They will also happily extend periods of cover for policyholders who are overseas.

What we are not so keen on:

  • More difficult to compare as they are not on comparison sites
  • Sports and activities - the definition is not great, so if you are planning to undertake any sports that might be viewed in any way risky contact the company (not the case for the seasonnaire / backpackers / gap year policies, where the definition is clear).

Single Trip Cover

Covers travellers up to the age of 80, and there are three levels of cover (Economy, Standard or Excel) available. Dangerous sports and pastimes are not defined, and anything that might be deemed as such should be checked with the company first.

Annual (Multi Trip) Cover

Three levels of cover available to those up to the age of 70, for any number of trips up to 31 day long, or 17 days if they are winter sport breaks. No option to extend these.

Winter Sports

Offers three annual ski policies with any number of trips up to 17 days long covered. Winter sports cover other than off piste skiing is not defined and the policy says

Dangerous Sports and Pastimes: 'If you are going to take part in dangerous sports or pastimes where there is a risk of injury, check that this insurance covers you.'

If any other activities are planned on your holiday, from skidooing to tobogganing are planned, you should check with MPI first. Off piste skiing is allowed anywhere though - as long as due care is taken - a better explanation than we have seen anywhere else.

For more information on ski insurance, visitour ski and snowboarding section.

Backpacking Cover

Used to be offered through their sister company Mind the Gap Year now MPI Brokers offer both Gap Year and Backpacking policies through their website. These policies offer cover towards the top end of the market.

Travel Insurance for Cruises

Cruise trips are not excluded under MPI Travel insurance policies. They do not offer a specialist cruise travel insurance product.

It is important to ensure you have the right travel insurance for your type of cruise. Make sure all the destinations you plan to visit on your cruise are included on your travel insurance policy, and that you clear any activities you plan to undertake before travelling.

Pre-existing Medical Conditions

MPI Brokers policy statement for pre existing conditions could allow those who have a condition that is stable and considered low risk to take a premium without a loading - they certainly will cover more people than most companies would - read the policy carefully if this may apply to youMPI Brokers policy

For more information on pre existing medical conditions readour pre existing medical condition guide.

Travel Insurance if you are pregnant

MPI Brokers say that they will cover claims for medical and repatriation costs following medical complications for those who are pregnant provided they are booked to return at least 4 weeks before the expected due date, as long as a doctor says it's OK to travel before the holiday, and that no complications are expected.

To visit MPI Brokers or request a quote click here

This content was last reviewed on 09/05/2023