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Short Term Car Insurance

Compare Cheap Short Term Student Car Insurance Policies

Compare short term student car insurance policies - find quotations from suppliers so you can identify the temporary car insurance that is suited to you

Short Term Car Insurance from 1 to 30 days

Day Insure
  • Policies from one hour to 30 days
  • Covers most drivers from 18 - 75
  • Covers Cars, Vans and Minibuses up to 8 seats
  • Optional Breakdown and European Cover
  • UK licence holders covered


Short Term Car Insurance from 1 to 28 days

Temp Cover Short Term Car Insurance
  • Cover from 1-12 hours or 1-28 days offered
  • Cars, vans and vehicles with up to 5 seats covered
  • Most drivers from 18 - 77 covered (from 17 for learner drivers)
  • Provisional Drivers covered
  • Accept some with penalty points or previous disqualification
  • UK, EU and EEA licence holders - Comprehensive EU cover available with some policies
  • Must have been permanently resident in UK for 12 months or a British Expat who previously lived in the UK


Safely Insured Short Term Car Insurance
  • Cover from 1-28 days offered
  • Cars and vehicles with up to 8 seats covered
  • Drivers from 19 - 75 with 12 months experience
  • UK licence holders covered


Car Hire can be Cheaper!
  • Check Car Hire isn't cheaper
  • Test your options on the UK's most comprehensive car hire service
  • Drivers from 21 - 75 with 12 months experience
  • Excess Insurance Options
  • One way trips


Are you a student looking for short term or temporary car insurance? Short term insurance can be ideal if you need to cover a car you are borrowing when away studying or going home for just a few days. Here are a few circumstances when temporary car insurance comes into its own:

  • Your car is off the road and uninsured but you are back for the holidays and want to use it while you are home.
  • Family or friends who own a car are letting you borrow it for a short period. Borrowing may well be a lot cheaper than hiring - but don't jeopardize their car or their insurance policy - using your own short term car insurance policy will keep the owner's no claims bonus safe.
  • You are lending your car out to friends or family. Protect your no claims bonus - especially as they may be driving on unfamiliar roads and in a vehicle they are not used to. Taking out a short term car insurance policy means they are covered without affecting your NCB.

Have a look at our specialist article if you are considering short term insurance to cover a visitor to the UK.

Different companies are more suitable in different circumstances, therefore it's a good idea to compare a few before deciding which one is for you. Prices can vary noticeably according to your individual circumstances too.

Short Term Student Car Insurance

Day Insure

Day Insure offer versatile policies that provide cover from just one day to up to 30 days (although, if longer is needed, you can take another policy). Day Insure also have comprehensive cover available for trips to Europe if this is required. There is also the option to add another driver to the policy as well. So this makes them the ideal solution if you need a car for a specific trip or even for just a few weeks. Insurance quotations from Day Insure are available online only.

Temp Cover

Excellent at covering younger and less experienced drivers, as well as those who have points on their licence. Temp Cover have the additional option of enabling you to buy comprehensive cover on some policies if you are looking to take the car to another EU country. The company have a selection of packages covering areas such as AA breakdown cover and excess protection and online quotes can be run for most drivers from 18 to 77.

Safely Insured

Safely Insured offer a comparable product. They can also protect the excess that you would be liable for in case of an accident or the theft of the vehicle, which is a useful benefit to consider. Safely Insured will also cover hire cars that are rented without any insurance cover provided. Their quotation process is also available online only.

Consider Car Hire instead

Think about renting a car instead - although for most people short term car insurance is the cheaper option - for a few it might be more affordable to hire a car! Run a quote through our car hire comparison service for great rates, and don't forget - before you pay out for expensive excess insurance at the car hire desk - we also offer that cheaper through our Car Hire Excess Insurance comparison service.

This content was last reviewed on 15/11/2023

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