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News Articles written by Anna Lisinski

September 24, 2012Rises in the price of oil send customers to the rail network
July 3, 2012Car hire excess insurance needed for young motorists with 'driving dread'
June 11, 2012Brits fit holiday plans around Olympic Games
May 30, 2012Brits heading to sunny shores urged to compare car hire excess insurance reviews
May 16, 2012Brits save up to 25% on holidays as Euro weakens
May 3, 2012TomTom create new voice -controlled app
January 26, 2012Best motor insurance: fuel price hike is changing the UK driving habits
January 19, 2012Over 70 travel insurance
January 10, 2012Five Top Countries for Hiring a Car Revealed
November 21, 2011Cut Car Maintenance Costs with Affordable Car Hire
October 7, 2011Unpredictable weather affects home insurance claims
September 28, 2011Brits prefer semi-detached and terraced homes
September 23, 2011Home insurance: British families get their houses ready for winter
September 16, 2011Insurance is vital for travelling companions
September 13, 2011Gadget insurance: almost half of computing devices are not properly protected
September 7, 2011Travel insurance available for UK "staycationers"
September 2, 2011Brits may be too reliant on credit cards and loans in times of trouble
August 25, 2011Travel insurance premiums vary widely in a gap year
August 19, 2011Car insurance alert: drivers jump 278 red traffic lights a minute
August 12, 2011A quarter of Brits travel without insurance
July 14, 2011Money Saving Tips to Deal with Increased Inflation
July 5, 2011Ofgem has fined British Gas £1m for Misreporting
June 28, 2011Calls for motor insurance reforms
June 17, 2011Anxious Holidaymakers Worry About Travel Delays
May 31, 2011Pet Custody Fought Over by Divorcing Couples
May 26, 2011High Speed Broadband Test in Cornwall
May 24, 2011Does your Travel Insurance Cover Ash Cloud Cancellation?
May 23, 2011Uninsured Drivers Beware of New Crackdown
May 19, 2011Samsung Olympic Games Mobile Handset Partners Lloyds
May 11, 2011Energy Smart Meters to Sweep the Country
May 9, 2011Pedestrians Fail to Look for Oncoming Traffic
April 26, 2011UK Gardens worth Billions
April 21, 2011Variation in Mobile Phone Cover Revealed
April 20, 2011Motorists Cut Costs with Car Insurance by Fronting
April 18, 2011Adjusting Radio - Major Cause of Car Crashes
April 13, 2011Compare Car Insurance Rates as Premiums Rise
April 6, 2011Consumers Urged to Compare Energy Prices
April 1, 2011Broadband Customer Satisfaction Plummets
March 31, 2011Weddings Abroad Could Cost More
March 29, 2011Energy Suppliers to give 30 Days Notice of Price Hikes
March 24, 2011The Budget in Brief
February 21, 2011Lengthy Mobile Phone Contracts Culled
February 9, 2011Compare Pet Insurance for Your Furry Friends
February 8, 2011Holiday Romances are More Common
February 1, 2011Motorists Urged to Compare Car Insurance Early
January 28, 2011Home Insurance Claims Surge in Cold Weather
January 25, 2011Nintendo 3DS Launch Date Released
January 24, 2011Compare Car Insurance as Premiums Continue to Rise
January 20, 2011Compare Car Insurance to Help with Record Fuel Prices
January 18, 2011Compare Savings Accounts as Interest Rates Remain Low
January 17, 2011Compare Home Insurance to Prevent Loss
January 13, 2011Compare Travel Insurance as Holidaymakers Cut Back
January 12, 2011Compare Energy Suppliers as E.ON Rates Rise
January 4, 2011Compare Loans for Outstanding Debts
December 23, 2010Compare Energy Providers After npower's Price Hike