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Compare Home Phone packages - get deals with cheaper line rental or lower call costs

Looking to upgrade or switch home phone supplier? We compare the market so you can save on line rental, call costs or both

Compare Home Phone packages

Best Home Phone deals - find them with MoneyMaxim

Deals on just landlines are few and far between. Many households are relying on just mobiles and dispensing with landlines altogether. If you do have a home phone then look at comparing these alongside your broadband as often that is the best way to get a good deal on your phone. Read on for more ideas...

Picking a home phone deal

We show you how to save by switching your home phone provider

If you think you are getting a bad deal from your phone company you are probably right! In December 2014 most of the major phone companies hiked line rentals by up to 5 times the rate of inflation.

The good news though is that switching supplier is simple - with the vast majority of those who have changed phone companies saying it was a straightforward process, and that the service received from the new supplier is as good (or better) than that provided by the old one.

But as well as service, customers can make significant savings when switching. Getting lower line rentals is one way, lower call charges another and buying 'inclusive call bundles' a further option.

Switching your home phone provider

When switching your provider you have a few options.

If your home line rental is physically provided by BT, (most lines still are even if you are with another company) you can switch to another company who offers their own line rental, or sells a BT-sourced line rental at a more competitive rate.

You could decide to switch both your line rental and calls. You will then pay the new phone company for both phone calls and line rental, although in most cases BT will still own your line, renting it to your new provider at commercial rates which allows the new company to offer you a better deal.

Some companies such as Virgin Media will provide you with their own line. This is not normally a problem when you you switch to them, but if your BT line is disconnected and you decide to reconnect it at a later date you will probably face a connection charge at that point.

As an alternative you can use another provider for calls, but leave your line rental with BT you will be billed by BT for line rental and your call provider for calls.

Whichever way you decide to progress you can retain you home number, and the switch should be almost seamless.

How to switch your home phone

The simple way to switch is as follows:

  • Check that your current deal is not subject to any cancellation fees - unless you are in a period when you are getting special promotional rates you are normally fine.
  • Pick the new package that is best for you. Look out for any connection charges and, if you think you might need to amend it (say you might be moving home shortly), check for cancellation fees.
  • Arrange to switch with the new company. They will put all the arrangements in place (you will however need to contact your existing company if you are moving to or from a cable company).
  • Wait to hear from both your new and old company as to when the switch will take place - it's normally within two weeks.

How home phone bundles and packages can be the best value

Getting a package which includes both line rental and 'inclusive' calls is a great way of both saving money and controlling your bills. These are ideal for those who just want a phone line and usage but are not looking for additional services. They are also good for someone who wants to make international calls as some packages will allow calls to many countries within the monthly fee.

If you are looking for broadband services as well, watch out for suppliers who will offer this for little or nothing too.

Finally, if you use pay TV such as Sky, do consider a combined bundle. These bundles probably offer the best value of all as they can include everything you need them to!

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This content was last reviewed on 15/01/2024