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Sally Wilson

Sally is a key member of the MoneyMaxim editorial team. She is a frequent hire-car user and often goes on holiday with her family. With an interest in getting great value for money, Sally shares her hints and tips for travelling and insurance.

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What is the Best Learner Driver Insurance?

Compare car insurance to cover a learner to find the cheapest policy that fits your needs

young learner driver in a car

Confused by learner driver car insurance? We can answer all your questions and talk you through the options so you can find the best fit learner driver insurance at the most affordable price.

Many people take the opportunity during the summer, especially with the longer days, to learn to drive. Before you get behind the wheel take a look at the questions below and you can then compare learner driver insurance with ease.

Should I buy a short term or long term learner car insurance policy?

Most learner drivers take less than a year to be free of the L plates so often a short term car insurance policy can work out a better option. When you run a quote with us, we will show you the cost per day of each short term policy so you can easily compare prices. Another option which will be shown in your results is an app-based insurance. These can work out the cheapest option of all

An annual policy may be preferable to those who want plenty of time to learn and practise, however, bear in mind you could end up paying for 6 months of learner driver insurance that you don't need. There are those that may offer a refund for unused months so comparing policies it important. Some insurers may count your year of learning towards your No Claims Bonus which could benefit you by lowering future premiums.

What are learner driver car insurance apps?

In your results table you will see the policy duration and also the number of driving days. With a standard short term policy the number of days will be the same in both columns so you will be covered to drive as a learner for any day during that policy duration. With an app policy the number of drivings days will be fewer than the policy term. You pay less for these types of policy as you are only covered for the times you are actually out driving within that period.

For example, you can have a 90 day policy with 28 driving days. This means that you can drive for up to 28 days within that 90 day period. As most learners are not out practising on the roads every day, the app-based learner driver insurance can be more cost effective. The app is used to register the day with the insurance company before you set out on a drive so you are covered while behind the wheel.

Can a learner driver be insured on their own car?

Yes they can. When you run a comparison of learner driver insurance with MoneyMaxim we clearly display which companies will cover a car that is owned by the learner..

It tends to be easier to find learner driver insurance on a borrowed car. They are also often cheaper than those to cover a learner driver using their own car. You should always check the terms and conditions of an owner's car insurance to check that allowing a learner to drive it will not invalidate their cover. Most learner driver insurers will expect a borrowed car to be insured separately from the learner's policy.

What does a learner driver need before they can practice driving on the roads?

A learner driver must always have a valid provisional licence and the appropriate car insurance. Any accompanying driver must be over 21years old, have passed their test at least 3 years ago and be qualified to drive the vehicle concerned. But do check all insurance policies as some may have further stipulations regarding supervising drivers. Further information can be found from the DVLA.

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