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Best motor insurance: fuel price hike changes the UK driving habits

Figures from a recent research have revealed that higher fuel prices are forcing many UK drivers to revise the type of car they drive or their mileage.

The figures from a recent research show that higher fuel prices are forcing many UK drivers to revise the type of car they drive or their mileage – with a fifth of motorists even stating that they would ditch the car if fuel prices keep climbing.

A number of Brits are changing their minds about whether it is worthwhile having a car at all in the current financial climate.

With petrol prices almost doubling in only 11 years and the rising cost set to increase, Hastings Direct asked over 1,000 motorists about their thoughts on motor-related costs and discovered interesting conclusions.

Almost eight in ten drivers (78%) admit that the rising cost of petrol has affected how often they drive. A majority of Brits (74%) said that they are using their cars much less now, with 49% of them cutting back by at least 25 miles each week, nearly a third (32%) by 50 miles per week and over 7% by up to 100 miles a week.

On top of this, one in three have considered switching to a Hybrid or Electric as their next car and one in five have even considering simply not having a car anymore if petrol hits £2 per litre.

Even more, figures reveal that 1% of the drivers questioned have already given up their car to cut down on fuel costs.

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