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Susan Care

Susan works as editorial assistant and researcher on personal finance stories. She also writes on a number of breaking news stories, as well as offering great money saving tips to shopping-savvy consumers.

Brits are travel bores and only stick with the same destinations

Almost one in three people confess to visiting the same holiday destination more than once.

Almost one in three people confess to visiting the same holiday destination more than once; as new research shows that Brits are unadventurous in their choice of holiday destinations.

Thanks to modern technology, the world is becoming a smaller place and a growing number of people can reach long-haul destinations far more easily now than every before. Despite this, boring Brits stick to the same holiday destination and resort time and time again.

Research from the Rough Guide found that almost one in 10 people have been back to the same holiday location more than 10 times. More than 40% travel less than 15 miles from their accommodation for the entire trip.

Marking 30 years of Rough Guide books, the research shows that only a third of holidaymakers will take the time to visit the most famous landmark at their destination. Holidaymakers could find the cheapest car rental and easily visit out of reach spots and landmarks.

Adding to the stereotype of the British stiff upper lip, less than a third of holidaymakers will make an effort to meet new people.

The research found that we're not an entire nation of grumpy Brits as more than 70% said they return to the same destination more than once because they loved it so much. A further 40% said they enjoy the familiarly of the place and had got to know the local people.

Despite this, a number of people confessed they feel like they're missing out by not visiting different destinations or going off the beaten track.

More than a third believe they should look at other destinations and broaden their horizons when it comes to choosing a holiday. More than half claim that the more exploring you do the more memorable your holiday experience is.

Whether you plan on embarking on a jam-packed adventure holiday or visiting your favourite spot, finding the cheapest car rental available could make your trip a memorable one too.