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Dave Mac

Flights and car rental – how has transport changed our holidays?

Low-cost holiday car hire and cheap flights are making overseas breaks much more affordable. As the UK's leading airline British Airways is celebrating.

Low-cost holiday car hire and cheap flights are making overseas breaks much more affable. With the UK's leading airline British Airways celebrating the 85th anniversary of the first in-flight meal service on a commercial aircraft, now is the perfect time to take a retrospective look at how new forms of transport have improved the way we travel abroad.

It has been 85 years since Imperial Airways launched its Silvering air service on the London to Paris route. It was the predecessor to British Airways and was the very first commercial flight serving food to customers.

During a two hour flight, the ten passengers were served by one flight attendant. The ‘menu' at that time included sandwiches, biscuits, tea and coffee, as well as alcoholic drinks.

That was in 1927 and many more flights have taken place since that day. At present, the 14,000 strong crew of British Airways provide travellers with 100,000 meals every single day.

"At British Airways we have an incredible history. We've developed the service to our customers and even as we've grown from small propeller aircraft to 747′s, we've managed to maintain the magic that makes flying special,” commented Bill Francis, British Airways' head of in-flight service.

Cheap flights and car rental

The ease in which we now take both international and domestic flights could only have been a pipe dream for British holidaymakers in previous decades.

As airlines around the world lowered their prices, flying to another country was no longer the preserve of those with luxury lifestyles.

The same phenomena occurred with the arrival of competitive holiday car hire companies, which are making it possible for tourists to make the most of their dream destinations.

The internet has also been – and still is – a very useful tool for British holiday makers to find the best holiday packages and deals. Whether they are looking for accommodation, car hire, or flights, searching and comparing prices online is now easier than ever.