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Money Saving Tips and Hints to Help with Increased Inflation

Inflation has caused significant increases in household costs, follow these top tips to make sure you get the most out of your money.

Saving on a regular basis can be a real struggle for all of us. Despite a recent drop in inflation, the cost of living is still very high for most of us to cope with. Energy bills, in particular, are hitting families hard and the trend shows no sign of halting any time soon.

Travel costs have gone up by a shocking 8% in the last year due to the dramatic rise in petrol prices. To help you out in these difficult times, we have put together a few brief but useful tips to help you stay focused and make long term savings;

1. **** Avoid unnecessary charges

Library books, DVD rentals and many other things can all stack up over time and lead eventually to unnecessary charges. The same theory applies to paying bills and going into your unauthorised overdraft. If you keep on top of it, you avoid problems down the line. If you are driving, avoid car parking fees by parking on a free residential road if possible. Even if it means walking further to your destination, it will be worth the sacrifice in the long term.

**2. ****Create a weekly allowance **

If you find yourself over-spending and not counting the pennies correctly, why not set yourself to a weekly budget in order to see exactly how much money you're getting through? Think about all your expenses and only buy the absolute essentials, you'll soon find yourself saving and learning to budget successfully.

**3. ****Cut down on Luxuries **

It is vitally important to cut back on anything that you consider to be a luxury as soon as you can. If you are serious about saving, you will need to reduce luxuries such as eating out or buying you morning coffee fix. You can always brush up on your cooking skills or visit friends for dinner. If you still need a morning coffee, purchasing a thermos flask can be a cheap and invaluable substitute.