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MoneyMaxim shows you ways to save money motoring in Europe

Regional differences in taxation in the eurozone and better exchange rates have made travelling cheaper in Europe. Minimise your costs by following our advice.

The UK is still one of the more expensive places to fill up a tank of fuel in Europe. MoneyMaxim.co.uk, the UK's leading car hire and car hire excess insurance comparison website, reveals ways motorists can save money driving through Europe. Not only can motorists benefit from the better currency exchange rate, but they can also fill up in cheaper countries.

The strong pound against the euro has given motorists another reason to cheer this autumn as the cost of renting cars is cheaper now than last year. Research by the AA shows the price of fuel in sterling terms has fallen sharply in many European countries.

Motorists driving across Europe can save money at the pump by avoiding expensive countries. If your journey starts in the UK, you can save around 10% by waiting until you reach France to fill up. If your route takes you close to Luxembourg it could be worth a detour. Petrol is under £1.10 a litre and diesel just 99p.

Mark Bower, Managing Director of www.moneymaxim.co.uk said:

"High petrol prices could take a huge chunk out of the holiday budget, especially for those driving between other European countries. With prior knowledge and careful planning big savings can be made by filling up the right side of international borders.

"Some of the lowest fuel prices in Western Europe, Luxembourg beside, include Austria, Spain and Switzerland. On the other hand fuel costs in the Netherlands, Italy, Norway and Sweden are considerably higher than the price at home.

"Driving overseas can be challenging for those who are not familiar with the roads and motorists could end up paying more than just high petrol prices if they have an accident. For those renting a vehicle it could be well worth taking out car hire excess insurance for peace of mind, knowing that should anything happen your finances won't take a bigger hit than just a few pounds at the pumps.”

MoneyMaxim.co.uk is the UK's only comparison website that allow users to compare both car hire insurance and car hire excess insurance at the same time. This gives you the opportunity to find the best possible deal for your destination.