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Act Now to save 20% on your Gas and Electricity Bill

Savings of over 20% are possible compared to the average big six standard dual fuel rates if you know how.

If you haven't switched suppliers recently, the chances are you are on a Standard Tariff with one of the Big Six suppliers. Running an independent price comparison check will show that you could currently save around 10%* of your existing bill on a fixed price deal.

Average big six standard tariff: £1,359.80 first:utility iSave Fixed v12 June 2015: £1201.61 saving £158.28 or 11.6%

But, we can do better than that. Since we've been able to choose energy supplier we've got used to buying both fuels from the same supplier to get the best discounts. But with fewer tariffs to play with and new smaller suppliers only selling one fuel, it's not always cheaper to buy gas and electricity from the same supplier.

Right now, savings of over 20%* are possible by purchasing from separate suppliers. Daligas are a new gas supplier with a simple single tariff offering. They are currently unable to supply to houses serviced by Independent Gas Transporters (typically used on estates of new build houses). Likewise isupplyenergy is a new British owned company that only supplies electricity.

The Daligas One tariff from Daligas for gas costs £615.73 isupplyenergy's iFix 201501 tariff for electricity costs £457.25

Total price from separate suppliers: £1072.98. That's 10.7% cheaper than the cheapest fix and 21.1% or £286.91 cheaper than the average standard tariff.


There will be a little more administration for you having to log in to two separate suppliers to provide meter readings.

There is the chance that you could finish up with different end dates to the deals making it more awkward to switch next time but that's not the case for these deals as they both last for one year.

These are both new, smaller suppliers, they will have bought a certain amount of energy on the markets and may not be able to gear up that much more. Which means they'll stop selling these tariffs when they've got enough customers.

Actual savings will depend on your usage figures (dig them out), what supplier and tariff you are on, where you live in the country and how you pay for your energy (monthly direct debit is best if you can) but we have no reason to doubt that similar savings will be available to you.

Put it to the test, run a quote on our Online Energy Comparison Service now.

*These figures are based on quotes for "standard” usage of 3,300 kWh electricity (non-economy 7) and 16,500 kWh gas in the RG40 area, paid by monthly direct debit.

Standard dual fuel prices (taking online billing where cheaper):

EDF Energy £1298.84 | E.On| £1299.07 | || | British Gas | £1353.66 | | Scottish Power | £1393.74 | | SSE | £1397.67 | | nPower | £1416.33 | | Average big six | £1359.89 |