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Dale Lovell

Millions go Cold to Cut Heating Bills

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Millions of British households have gone cold this winter compared with the last to save on energy bills, new figures reveal.

Britain has recently endured the coldest December in 100 years, but due to recent energy price hikes many have gone cold to reduce the cost of their energy bills, uSwitch showed.

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Over 14 million households have gone without heating at some point this winter to keep costs down.

"Self-rationing isn't about energy efficiency – it's about people going cold,” commented Ann Robinson, uSwitch director of consumer policy.

"This is the unacceptable price that British consumers are being forced to pay because of the high cost of energy today.”

Two in ten people have gone regularly without heating this winter – this is an eight percent increase on last year.

Other cost cutting measures include 34 percent who only use one or two rooms in their home to save heating the whole house, while 52 percent say they wrap up in a blanket when sitting down.

A further 37 percent leave the oven door open after cooking, and 13 percent have either visited friends or the local library to get warm

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Those who have made cutbacks, 14 percent admit their quality of life, or health, has been affected as a result, while 23 percent are still concerned about their next bill even though they have limited their use.

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