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Sarah Rice

Sarah is our insurance specialist, reporting the latest important developments in the industry.

Towbar car insurance: what you need to know

Installing a towbar can increase the price you pay for car insurance or even invalidate your policy. If you have - or are thinking about having- a towbar fitted

Some car insurance companies might not be happy if you install a towbar once you have already taken out a policy with them.

Specifically in the case of large insurance companies, in which cheap car insurance can be found as long as you follow their requirements, modifying your car once an initial policy is agreed can even cancel your existing agreement since it could be considered a violation of the contract's terms and conditions.

That is why installing a towbar can sometimes lead to serious problems with your car insurance provider, especially if they invalidate your policy in case of an accident.

Considerations when installing a towbar

One of the best things to do is to get your towbar installed when your car insurance policy is about to expire and renew – or contract a new policy – letting your company know about the towbar from the very beginning.

That should not be a problem because there are a high number of insurance companies that offer affordable quotes for cars with towbars installed. Compare prices online to find out the best deals for towbar car insurance.

If you have already installed a towbar, it is recommended that you let your company know straight away about it and in order to apply the required modification to your current policy. Some providers will ask you to pay more for your premium, while some others will not even require you to pay any extras.

Find the Best Towbar Car Insurance Rates

If you have a towbar on your car you can pull everything from a caravan or boat to a jetski or even another car – but that does present risks to insurers as they are liable for third party claims if you should have, for example, a reversing accident. Always compare prices online when looking for the best value towbar car insurance deals.