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John Davies

With a number of years journalism experience, John is a personal finance journalist and editor providing regular daily news updates to the MoneyMaxim website. His area of particular interest includes house prices, mortgages and insurance. He works as News Editor at MoneyMaxim.

UK children prefer their mum’s driving

British children have spoken, and a great majority of them have stated that they prefer their mother's driving.

British children have spoken, and a great majority of them have stated that they prefer their mother's driving because it is less aggressive and not as fast as their father's.

GEM Motoring Assist asked up to 1,300 UK children aged five to 16 about their parent's driving skills, and a large majority of them stated that they feel happier and more relaxed when their mum is behind the wheel.

According to the opinion of children surveyed, their fathers drive too fast, too aggressively, and they lose their tempers more quickly than their mothers. Children also stated that their dad's driving style tends to focus on getting from A to B as quickly as possible.

A car trip with their mum is more entertaining for children. Five factors make it better than the driving habits of UK dads. British mums talk to keep children entertained, sing at the wheel, drive at a reasonable speed and are considerate towards other motorists and have a nicer car; according to their little ones.

However, UK kids also pointed out that their mum's are more likely to stall the car and struggle with basic manoeuvres such as parking compared to when their dad is behind the wheel.

"Wherever you're going, always allow plenty of time for your journey so you don't have to rush. It is important to make your kids feel safe in the car and, more importantly, it is vital your children are safe in the car. Not sticking to the rules and driving too fast puts your kids in a dangerous situation and could result in a serious accident,” said David Williams MBE, CEO of GEM Motoring Assist.

Protect your children

Car insurance is always essential, but it is even more important when young children are travelling in the car. Having proper motor insurance in place is therefore a ‘must-do' for today's parents.

However, British mums and dads should remember that having a car modification, such as installing hand controls or suspension changes, can result in an automatic cancellation of their policies.

Modifying your car once an initial policy is agreed can cancel your agreement as it could be considered a violation of the contract's terms and conditions. This is why you should let your insurer know as soon as possible or find car insurance online that makes provisions for car modification.