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Wide wheels car insurance

Vehicles with wide wheels are the most common on British roads. Find out the type of insurance you need when having wide wheels fitted to your car.

A number of motorists fit wide wheels to their vehicles because the tyre's four independent suspensions offer a smoother drive. Nevertheless, many drivers have wide wheels fitted for purely aesthetic reasons.

Cars with wide wheel generally have better stability and grip. This is crucial for heavy vehicles but also improves the grip in smaller cars, particularly those models that can reach high speeds.

Wide wheel also minimise the possibility of suffering a road accident, especially in severe and adverse weather conditions. Wide wheel arches leave plenty of room for wheel movement, while the suspension allows better shock absorption in difficult terrains.

The UK motoring industry currently sells a large variety of wide wheels. These include racing wheels (special wheels made for use in motor sports), motorcycle wheels and commercial wheels. Additionally, further special wheels are also designed for industrial vehicles.

**Car insurance for **wide wheels

A failure to let your insurance provider know about your car modification, such as wide wheels might end up in the cancellation of the policy. As a result it is important to let your company know about such changes straight away in order to add a modification element to your current policy.

Some providers will ask you to pay more for your premium, while others may alter your policy for no additional charge.

Many of our insurers on our standard insurance comparison service will cover cars with wider wheels, and many of those without asking for an additional premium.

Some companies will give you a quotation including wider wheels, others may ask you to advise them when you visit their site. Any companies who won't make provision for cars which have wider wheels fitted will have been removed.