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Dale Lovell

British drivers abroad are unwittingly breaking the law by engaging in illegal driving acts.

British drivers abroad are unwittingly breaking the law by engaging in illegal driving acts.

British drivers abroad are unwittingly breaking the law by engaging in illegal driving acts. With 14% planning on driving their car overseas this year they are warned to compare car insurance and car hire prices before departure.

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A huge 4.3 million plan on driving in France this year and one in three of those who do are expected not to carry a reflective jacket in the car, 15% lacking a warning triangle and 2% will use a speed trap warning radar detector, such as a Sat-Nav, all illegal acts.

The research by Sainsbury's Finance also revealed that 3% of motorists will not carry proof of ownership in their car and this is compulsory in countries such as Austria, Belgium and Italy.

Additionally, in Spain, Switzerland and Liechtenstein it is compulsory for spectacle-wearing drivers to carry a spare pair of glasses.

"Drivers taking their cars abroad need to prepare, not just because they'll be driving on the other side of the road, but because laws differ from country to country," said Ben Tyte, Sainsbury's Car Insurance Manager.

"Having an accident anywhere is bad enough but when abroad it can be compounded by a lack of local knowledge, so to then find that the other party's damage is covered but not your own is surely a risk worth avoiding."

Compare Car Hire Prices - Compare Hire Car Insurance Excess

If you are travelling abroad and hope to hire a car when you get there then you can save money and receive a better level of car hire insurance protection if you compare and book car hire insurance policies before you go.

Why Should I Buy Car Hire Insurance Before I Travel?

Cars hired in Europe come with insurance that typically excludes the first £1, of a theft or damage claim. This can leave holidaymakers seriously out of pocket even for a relatively minor incident. In the US and Canada the position is slightly different, with cars coming either inclusive or exclusive of insurance and customers having the option to buy their insurance at the car hire station or independently.

Using the UK's only car hire insurance search engine from moneymaxim car renters can avoid the excesses in Europe, get full cover in the Americas, and receive additional benefits that are excluded from the insurance policies offered by car rental companies themselves.

It is vital for motorists to inform their insurer before departure as not all fully comprehensive policies extend as such abroad but could diminish to third party.

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