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Holiday Romances are More Common

Nearly a quarter of holidaymakers have experienced a holiday romance. If you are booking a holiday, compare travel insurance for the unexpected.

Nearly a quarter of holidaymakers have experienced a holiday romance, a new study reveals, but few of these relationships stand the test of time.

If you are looking forward to a holiday this year make sure you have adequate travel insurance, to ensure you are covered for any unexpected occurrences.

Younger holidaymakers between the ages of 25 – 34 are more likely to enjoy a fling abroad, 25 percent, although 68 percent of those who do never meet their partner again when the holiday ends.

The research by AA Travel Insurance showed half of those who experienced a relationship on holiday described it as a ‘five-minute wonder', while the other half admitted it was ‘fantastic to have a no-strings affair'.

"Holidays really can throw up the unexpected – including the possibility of meeting your perfect partner,” said Teresa Brewer, AA Travel Insurance manager.

"However, it really is important to make sure you have decent travel insurance because sometimes the unexpected may be less welcome.”

A small 13 percent claimed they fell madly in love and did meet after the holiday ended, but rarely did the relationship develop further.

Men were more likely to have enjoyed a holiday romance than women, while eight percent of women claimed to have met their lifetime partner while on holiday, compared to five percent of men.

The 55-59 year-old age group were most likely to have enjoyed a five-minute wonder, while the over 60s were most likely to meet their lifetime partner this way.

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You can never tell what will happen on holiday, a simple jelly-fish bite could end up costing you more than you had expected to get treatment.

Comparing travel insurance, well before departure, means you can be sure you are covered for everything you may need to claim on, saving you money if you do.

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