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Sarah Rice

Sarah is our insurance specialist, reporting the latest important developments in the industry.

Motorists Skip Annual Car Service to Save Cash

As people feel the economic squeeze they are looking for ways to save, make sure you review your car insurance policy to ensure you're on the best tariff.

**Almost 1 million drivers are skipping their annual car service to save cash. Motorists are putting their lives at risk due to money saving tactics. **


New research has found that 61 per cent of UK drivers are looking to save money on their motoring costs and 20 per cent of driving pensioners are switching to public transport to save money.

According to swiftcover, the research also shows that 33 per cent of drivers are going to cut back on journeys to save money. Those aged between 35 and 44 are the highest proportion of people driving less due to the rising cost of petrol.

Although more and more motorists are looking for cheap car insurance to reduce the cost of motoring, many motorists are even resorting to buying six month tax discs rather than 12 month ones, something that adds more cash to annual tax bills.

The research found that 1.5 million drivers are buying 6 month tax discs despite potentially costing the nation millions of pounds.

Pensioners are taking advantage of their free bus passes and in a bid to reduce motoring costs are leaving the car at home.

One in five male drivers will reduce their speed in order to gain better fuel economy and 9 per cent are switching their car insurance provider to find a cheaper service.

3 per cent of drivers have resorted to washing the car less in order to tackle the cost of motoring.

"A well serviced car is less likely to go wrong, so it should go without saying that motorists should ensure that their car is properly serviced.” commented Robin Reames, claims director at swiftcover.

"In the long-term, servicing your car is likely to save you money by keeping it running smoothly,no-one wants to hear that their expensive car problems could have been prevented by shelling out a few pounds for a service.”