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Andrew Daniel

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University students – compare insurance cover

As students start planning for their new lives at university research from Endsleigh shows the importance of comparing student insurance policies.

According to the specialist insurer Endsleigh, students will take nearly £3000 worth of possessions to university. The research, carried out at the start of last summer found that the average student carries many of their most expensive items with them every day, regularly carrying an average of £1,165 worth of gadgets on them.

Vicki O'Connell, Endsleigh spokesperson, said:

"It's important to remember that items which are lighter and smaller are also more prone to loss or theft and that's why students are more likely to need to take advantage of insurance. We would encourage students not to rely on being covered by their parents' policy. Often parents' policies will not insure you for loss on the move, or in halls and shared houses unless you have a lock on your bedroom door and entry is forced. Claims made by a student would affect their parents no claims discount and the policy excess is also likely to be much higher on a parent policy.”

For more information and to compare Endsleigh's insurance with other specialists in the marketplace see our latest article featuring our student insurance comparison service