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Sally Wilson

Sally is a key member of the MoneyMaxim editorial team. She is a frequent hire-car user and often goes on holiday with her family. With an interest in getting great value for money, Sally shares her hints and tips for travelling and insurance.

Sally Wilson is one of our Team of Experts

Find greener ways to drive a hire car to mark World Earth Day

Car clubs offer a travel solution to city dwellers

world earth day

This Friday the 22nd April is World Earth Day - celebrating the global drive towards environmental change. This year the underlying theme is 'Trees for the Earth'. The plan is to plant 7.8 billion trees (one for every person on the planet) across the world before the 50th anniversary of World Earth Day in 2020.

We all want to play our part in ensuring the earth is protected for future generations - however big or small. Car use is not seen as beneficial to the environment but there are ways of making a difference. There are often greener alternatives if you want them.

One of the car hire companies we are associated with is Green Motion. They describe themselves as an 'environmentally friendly vehicle rental' company. Set up in 2007, they offer low CO2 emission car and van hire. Their vehicles are also selected for their fuel economy. So if you are looking to hire a car which will lessen your impact on CO2 emissions, this could be a company worth considering.

Another option is to look at hiring an electric car. Easirent have several models available. They are more popular at airport and central city locations. Electric cars do not release toxic gases or smoke into the environment which is an obvious benefit.

Car clubs are becoming more and more popular particularly with those living in city centres. You may have found, if you are living in a city, that you do not have to use a car very often and therefore having your own car can be an expensive luxury. As an alternative, joining a car club gives you access to a car or van for those times when you find you do need it.

It is estimated that each car club vehicle replaces between 6 and 20 privately owned ones. Less cars on the road means fewer emissions. Savings can be huge too. It has been calculated that someone who drives less than 6000 miles a year could save about £3500 per year. There is also no depreciation to take into consideration and cleaning and maintenance is carried out by the club.

Insurance is normally included when you join a car club but there is an excess to pay should you have an accident. Car club excess insurance is available from £37.49 for an annual policy to cover this excess. These policies also cover wheels, tyres, windscreens, mirrors, glass, underbody and roof - all areas which are often not included in car club insurance policies.

There are many events taking place around the country for World Earth Day from tree planting in Rye Community Garden in Sussex to beach cleaning at Boggle Hole in Whitby. If you want to get involved and find out what you could be doing then the World Earth Day website has plenty of information.

Image courtesy of: Pixabay