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Air filters and car insurance

Every vehicle needs air filters to work properly, but a few drivers still do not value the importance of having good filters in their car.

Every vehicle needs air filters to work properly. However, a few drivers still do not value the importance of having good filters in their car. Here is everything you need to know about air filters and about how installing new filters might affect your car insurance policy.

A car's engine works thanks to a balanced mixture of air and fuel. The right combustion of this blend is what makes your engine perform efficiently and what improves and extends the life of your vehicle.

This is also why having the correct air filters is highly important in every car. Vehicles with old or poorly performing filters can end up being damaged because the air that is mixed with the fuel is dirty.

Experts advise motorists to change the air filters every 12,000 miles in order to prevent air with dirty elements -such as dust- getting into the vehicle's engine and cylinders. If this dirt gets into the car's mechanism, motorists can end up paying expensive repair costs.

Checking and replacing your air filters is therefore essential to make sure the mixture between air and fuel is always appropriate for your car and its performance. If you are replacing your standard air filters for a different brand, ensure you car insurance provider knows about it.

Car insurance for car modifications

In a number of occasions, certain car modifications can lead motor insurance companies to cancel or invalidate you policy in case of accident. If the vehicle's owner fails to let them know about the specific modification, drivers risk paying a very high price in case of accident.

Informing you car insurance company is therefore essential in such cases. Some providers will ask you to pay more for your premium, while others may alter your policy for no additional charge.

Many of our insurers on our standard insurance comparison service will cover cars with new air filters, and many of those without asking for an additional premium. Check prices online now.