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British drivers forget brake checks in their monthly car care routine

Although UK motorists love nothing more than spending hours on the upkeep of their cars, many are failing to carry out basic care checks.

New research commissioned by Kwik Fit analysed the car care routines of 2,028 British car owners. It revealed that while an average of 65% of UK motorists do regularly carry out car care actions such as washing or vacuuming, more than seven out of ten (73%) don't perform regular brake checks.

Motoring experts such as Roger Griggs, communications director at Kwik Fit, stressed that functioning cars brakes are, along with its tyres, essential for keeping a car safe on the road. This should be carried out throughout the year, and not just as a part of an annual MOT and service, according to Griggs.

"With so few motorists checking their brakes, it suggests that many are waiting until the more obvious signs of deterioration appear – such as squealing, grinding, sponginess or worse, failure. Unfortunately this could be an all too costly delay,” he said.

A lack of knowledge seems to be the main reason drivers skip brake checks. Half of UK drivers (48%) confessed to failing to carry out the procedure simply because they "don't know how to”. Shockingly, a quarter of survey respondents also admitted that they "do not bother about doing it” – despite knowing how to check their brakes.

Car insurance and car modifications

Whatever brakes your car has it is important to learn how to check them regularly to ensure your vehicle can perform to its fullest potential in the case of a road incident.

Remember that if you modify your car's brake by installing, for example, dual control brakes or uprated brakes, you may have to pay more for car insurance. Your provider could argue that this equates to car modification and ask for a ‘change in circumstances charge' or ‘in year policy adjustment fee'.

However, many insurers will cover a vehicle with modified brakes without an additional premium. Go online to find out which providers offer car insurance for modified cars.