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Wheel spacers and towbars: car modification insurance

Modified cars such as those with wheel spacers or towbars fitted can affect the performance of vehicles, and be costly.

Modified cars such as those with wheel spacers or towbars fitted can affect the performance of vehicles. These modifications can also add further costs to your car insurance policy. Find out more about wheel spacers and car insurance by reading below.

Wheel Spacers Car Insurance

The aim of wheel spacers is to space the wheel away from the car on vehicles with wider tyres. British drivers who decide to install wheel spacers do so to achieve a smoother and safer off-road driving experience.

How does it work? The bolts in the wheel spacers match the holes to the tyre hub, and come with studs that secure the spacers to the wheels.

By being mounted to the disc hub/brake drum, these studs are precisely what hold the wheels onto the vehicle. Once everything is installed properly, the wheels and the spacers are fitted together in a solid unit. However, it is important to consider that wheel spacers create stress on the vehicle's hub and axle.

Always compare prices for wheel spacers car insurance online before you book your car modification car insurance.

Towbar Car Insurance

Installing wheel spacers is not the only way a vehicle can be modified these days. Another common practise performed by many drivers consists of installing a towbar behind the vehicle.

Motorists like towbars because they can pull everything from a caravan to a boat using them. However, when a vehicle has a towbar installed, it is easier to involuntarily damage another car – when parking, for instance.

This is a very common problem and that is why a number of car insurance providers increase your premium if you modify your car by installing a towbar.

While many car insurance providers would cover vehicles with towbars fitted for no additional price, others might have specific policies for these type of cars. The best idea is to find out what the different offers available in the market are and then compare deals online. Once you find a car insurance provider that covers your modified car, the only thing left is to sign the contract.