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We Review EBICO Energy



EBICO aim to be a more sustainable company in terms of how they use the world's resources. Now compare their prices using our impartial service.


EBICO were launched in 1998, and through their history have ensured not just low prices, but also a pricing structure that does not penalise low income households, who tend to use less energy. Originally called the Equitable Billing Company they now supply over 60,000 homes in the UK.

The idea behind the company is that it develops a customer base, and then negotiates a great deal for its customers using their combined purchasing power. Currently their tariffs are operated on their behalf by Robin Hood Energy.

The Which? Customer Satisfaction Score

The customer satisfaction score is based on the responses consumers gave for both overall satisfaction and likelihood to recommend the supplier to a friend. Both questions are given equal weighting, and only those giving a valid response to both questions are included in the analysis. The responses are then analysed and scaled to give a rating between 0% and 100%. The survey was undertaken in 2015. Full details of the survey can be found on the Which website.

This content was last reviewed on 25/09/2019