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We Review Utilita Energy - Energy Supplier

Utilita Energy


Utilita are an independent energy supplier whose speciality is in providing pre-payment energy using smart metering technology. Compare their prices independently now.

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Utilita has been around since the dawn of energy deregulation, and have over the years had a range of propositions. They now concentrate on a very specific market - looking after customers requiring prepaid Gas and Electricity in the UK. They have embraced new technology and using Smart Meters allow customers to be both better informed and in greater control of their energy usage.

Customers can view their energy usage and prepaid credit via their own smart metering system. This will instantly show top ups, whether these have been paid for online, using their app, over the phone, at a PayPoint outlet, on a mobile or via a text message. Learning from the features of prepayment which most irritate customers they seek to avoid them through the provision service such as their £15 'Emergency Credit' for when finances are tight, and 'Friendly Credit' which means customers won't suddenly be cut off during the evenings, weekends and bank holidays.

On their website Utilita say their customers 'use about 11% less energy than the average bill-paying home' which could lead to savings.

The fact that they specialise in this market means that its customers know that when they speak to the company they are talking to advisers who understand the challenges they are facing. It also means that the company develop specific products and strategies for prepayment meter customers in a way that the energy giants, who might see such customers as a minor part of their customer portfolio, do not.

Their call centre is based in Hampshire.

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This content was last reviewed on 09/10/2023