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Marks and Spencer Energy

Marks and Spencer Energy

Marks and Spencer Energy Prices. Check and compare their prices on our independent and impartial comparison service. Fully accredited by Consumer Focus.

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Marks and Spencer have had mixed reviews during their time as an energy supplier.

They sold their packages in line with their commitment to the environment, with extra discounts available for those who cut their usage, and a higher than most proportion of their fuel being generated by renewables, but they have also been caught up in a major misselling scandal.

In August 2013 it was reported in the National Papers that the company had used underhand tactics and misleading figures to encourage people to switch to them, in particular older female visitors to their stores.

Typical of the the stories was the article in the Daily Mail entitled Marks and Spencer mis-sold energy deals: Stores ban sales team after claims that customers were duped.

Almost immediately the company relaunched new tariffs that were amongst the most competitive in the market.

Before that we had found it difficult to suggest that M&S were amongst the leaders when it comes to energy tariffs.

However more recently their prices have drifted off again and once again there are a lot better tariffs in the market.

Before you make any decision to switch tariffs do get an accurate assessment of all energy tariffs using our online energy comparison service. Although you cannot use our service to actually switch to M&S (as the company don't allow us and other comparison services to process their applications), you will be able to compare all your options.

We were not surprised at the Daily Mail stories - our own experience was that we have heard some rather exaggerated statements over the savings possible from switching tariffs from in store sale staff and therefore heavily suggest that it's better if you are absolutely sure of your own position.

Any Consumer Focus accredited comparison service (such as ours) has to ensure it is independent and impartial meaning giving you an accurate picture of savings using your own readings - something that is virtually impossible to achieve through a conversation in a crowded shop.

M&S do incentivise customers with vouchers, both for switching to them, and for a number of additional triggers such as accepting online billing or cutting consumption. In total these can add up to £70 in the first year, although it should be remembered that second year savings will be lower, and that £30 of these are conditional on you cutting your fuel usage by 10% - M&S terms and conditions are clear that weather conditions will play no part in this calculation so we would suggest this is not built into your forecast savings as a cast iron certainty, as a lengthy period of cold weather could mean you have no chance of making the savings.

M&S Energy - its green credentials

The tariff is also sold on its green credentials, but the tariff is not one of those accredited as Green by the Green Energy Supply Certification Scheme.

Whatever your decision do sign up for our free energy monitor service, which was recommended in the Sunday Times as a top money saving tip, and make sure you never pay more than you need to for your energy in the future!

This content was last reviewed on 06/09/2017