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Should I choose unlimited mileage with my car hire? And how do I?

Is it always cheaper to opt for a limited mileage policy when hiring a car?

The most ideal mileage policy for your car hire will depend largely on how much driving you are planning on your trip. You have the choice between limited or unlimited mileage.

Unlimited mileage deals are usually more expensive upfront as there is no restriction on how far you can drive each day. These are ideal if you know that you will be using the car for a longer trip every day - perhaps getting out and about visiting local attractions - or travelling long distances between different accommodation. However, if you are only really using the car to get to and from the airport or for very short trips then you could consider a limited mileage policy.

Limited mileage policies will restrict you to a certain number of km per day and are therefore often priced lower. Bear in mind also that although these are daily limits, your total mileage at the end of the trip is divided by the number of days - so, if you go over the daily limit on one day, it may not mean you have exceeded the overall limit.

Limited mileage policies can, however, become expensive if you do exceed the overall limit. You would then be charged for each km you have gone over and the rate used can be quite high! If you don't want the worry of checking how far you are travelling then you may prefer the unlimited mileage option.

Mileage allowances can change if you take the car across a border so do check with your rental company if you are driving in more than one country and that you have their permission to cross a border with the car.

Top Tip If you are not sure how far you will be travelling, then Googlemaps is a great tool for working it out! If you have booked a limited mileage package and realise you are likely to exceed the limit, many companies will offer an upgrade.

This content was last reviewed on 11/10/2023

Image courtesy of: Pixabay

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